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"You can't hold centre stage until you've been Third Boy from the Left!"
Larry Billman
founder of The Academy of Dance on Film





Featured Artistes on this Page:
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Veterans, young and old, of theatre, television and film:

ADAM COOPER - From being the golden boy of British ballet to an emerging international star on the musical stage, this is the website of the talented, Adam Cooper.

ARTHUR BODIE - Establishing his own form of jazz dance in 1980, called Anatomik Jazz Dance, this is the website of dancer turned choreographer, Arthur Bodie, a veteran of the Reno stage.

DAVID DONEGAN - As a dancer, David Donegan's work on stage and screen ranged from appearances with the English National Opera to the West End production of Fiddler on the Roof; now, as a theatrical producer he is currently presenting the London run of the hit Edinburgh Fringe play, Shamlet and this is its website.

With 30 consecutive years behind him as director and choreographer in professional summer stock, this is the homepage of former dancer turned professor: Eric Brandt Nielsen (see entry in The Men); author of the award winning book: DANCE AUDITIONS: Preparation, Presentation & Career Planning.

Clive Barnes wrote of Francois Szony, "One of the finest adagio artists was Hungarian born Francois Szony...", and this is Francois's website. It features some great photographs and a wonderful video of Szony and Claire, introduced by Phyllis Diller and Don Rickles, in an American TV series from the 1960s: "The Hollywood Palace".

With a career ranging from Premier Danseur with Ballet de L'Opera de Marseille to enchanting European audiences as Magical Mr. Mistoffelees in the Lloyd-Webber musical, Cats, this is the website of Guy-Paul Ruolt de St. Germain.

JOE TREMAINE - Joe Tremaine is the founder of the incredibly successful, Tremaine Dance Conventions, where one of the mottos is, Dance Training is Life Training. From dancing in movies such as Hello Dolly, to choreographing for TV and film and his Hollywood students including, Paula Abdul, Goldie Hawn and Jeff Goldblum - his, is an inspiring life as a dancer.

Starting his career in what used to be called in the West "behind the iron curtain" this site of Hungarian dancer, Janos Korda (see entry in The Men), has photographs of historic interest to theatre and cabaret lovers.

JONATHAN NAIL - This interesting and absorbing blog on the day-to-day life of an actor is the online home of Los Angeles based actor, Jonathan Nail. His previous television work includes Malcolm in the Middle and Spin City and his blog is a recommended read.

His personal website with credits, videos and show reels of his work is at:

Former dancer with Grand Ballet Classique de France; International Ballet of Paris - see also his entry in The Men, on this site; also, biog in Concise Oxford Dictionary of Ballet.

For twentytwo years, Kevin Richmond was a member of London Festival Ballet/English National Ballet, and created a number of roles (see entry in The Men). He is currently Ballet Master with the Basel Ballet in Switzerland. This is his homepage.

The website of Albanian born ballet dancer, Leonard Ajkun, who in 1992, in Turin in Italy, stepped in to replace Rudolf Nureyev as Albrecht in 'Giselle', to general acclaim.

MARK WYNTER - From his debut as a British teen idol of the 1960s, with hits including Venus in Blue Jeans, to becoming a serious actor on the West End stage: here his appearances include the West End success, Conduct Unbecoming, and the musical, Phil the Fluter, this is the official website of the many talented, Mark Wynter.

PAUL BAYES KITCHER - Formally dancing with Scottish Ballet and Birmingham Royal Ballet, Paul Bayes Kitcher has formed with KEIRAN SHEEHAN, the Paul & Kieran Dance Theatre, which has recently explored the avenues leading to recovery from addiction.

PEDRO SANDIFORD - With an eclectic career ranging from Diversions Dance Company and the Zurich Opera Ballet to choreographing for dance on camera, musical theatre and script writing, this is the website of Pedro Sandiford.

PETE PURDY - The website of the late choreographer and director of contemporary dance and teacher of Limon-based technique, Pete Purdy. His experiences ranged from running his own educational dance department to directing his own company. was his teaching website.

ROBERT ARDITTI - The website of dancer, actor and choreograher, Robert Arditti. Among his West End credits' is the original London production of West Side Story.

ROMAN MIKHALEV - With his repetoire stretching from Prince Desire in 'Sleeping Beauty' to the interesting, Raskol'nikov in 'Crime and Punishment', this is Roman Mikhalev: Principal Dancer with The Mussorgsky Opera and Ballet Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia.

RONALDO NAVARRO - The website of Brazilian born, Germany based, Ronaldo Navarro. The press says of his work: " eccentric combination of movement, existentialist texts (Nietzsche) and quite extraordinary footwork..."

In recent years, Ronaldo Navarro has also become an accomplished photographer, as here:

THOMAS J. KELLY - Comedian, writer, and a former Mr. Triathalon, this is Thomas J. Kelly's video diary of a journey to become the first merman at Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida. It's physical theatre underwater!"

Veterans, young and old, of theatre, television and film:

The website of Chiara Ajkun, who as a child was termed the new Tamara Karsavina by Rudolf Nureyev; unfortunately, at the age of eighteen a tragic skiing accident caused her career as a performer to come to an abrupt end. This is her journey since then.

CINDY GOLDENBERG - The website of the clairvoyant intuitive, speaker and writer, Cindy Goldenberg. A noted campaigner and activist on vaccine risks and children's health rights in the late twentieth century. And as the former MGM Girl, Cindy Howell, in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's, "Hallelujah Hollywood!" in Las Vegas in the 1970s, she began her extraordinary career.

DEBRA STEFAN - This is the website of former Las Vegas dancer, turned fitness speaker and educator: Debra Stefan. It contains pictures of some of the costumes from MGM's 'Hallelujah Hollywood' (see entry in Writers and Female Artistes).

ELIZABETH GUERRERO - An international exponent of the Argentine tango and a former member of Ballet Folklorico Nacional of Argentina, this is the website of Elizabeth Guerrero. With her partner, the choreographer and dancer, MAXIMILIANO AVILA, Elizabeth Guerrero is also featured on:

GALE BAKER - A Broadway and Las Vegas veteran, who has now applied her insight and experience to the printed page and glorified the progress of the Las Vegas showgirl - from 1948 to the present day - in her book, "NEON QUEENS". This is the website of the former singer, Gale Baker.

LESLEY ANNE BANDY - With a career ranging from the Royal Opera Ballet at Covent Garden in London, to the Lido in Paris; encompassing directing and choreography along the way, this is the website of the Artistic Director of Nevada Performing Arts: Lesley Anne Bandy.

MICHELLE HARTMAN - now specializing on the other side of the camera, this is the website of former dancer and actress, Michelle Kalli. Theatre appearances ranged from the Bluebell Girls in Monaco, to the Latin Quarter in London and the West End musical, Twang!. Television appearances included the famous, The Avengers series.

ROSITA KORDA - Containing a veritable photgraphic history of the cast and crew of 'Hello, Hollywood, Hello' is this website belonging to former Bluebell Girl and MGM dancer, Rosita Korda. The website is a mirror of a particular time in the show business history of Nevada (see entry in Writers and Female Artistes).

The founder and Artistic Director of "The Palm Desert Dance Under The Stars Choreography Festival" is the former Las Vegas dancer, Shea New. This is her personal website.

I would like to thank all the artists who have allowed me to use their words, their names, and their presence throughout the pages of this website. Without them, Men Who Danced would be, for me, a far poorer site. And would not have been so much fun to have put online.

Rodford Barrat


The words of the following writers
are featured throughout the pages of this website.

Adrian le Peltier
Angie Curtis
Anne Beedie
Alan Bird
Arthur Bodie
Bob Turk
Chiara Ajkun
Corinne Squire
David Alder
Debra Stefan
Diane MacDonald Coulson
Durk Hartman Hoekstra
Eric Brandt Nielsen
Eric Carpenter
Ivor Jones
J. P. Bowie
Jack Moore
Janos Korda
Jeffrey Scott Adair
Jocelyn Cassia
Joe Tremaine
Judi Cox Frazier
Julia Parker
Kevin Richmond
Kilian O'Callaghan
Larry Billman
Leon Draper
Leonard Ajkun
Lesley Anne Bandy
Liz Elliott Lieberman
Lorna Brown
Michelle Hartman
Nancy di Lullo
Neil Reynolds
Pete Purdy
Rachel Carpenter
Randy Doney
Ronaldo Navarro
Rosita Korda
Russell Martin
Shea New
Wendy Thornley Davies


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